Shaan Shaikh

Shaan Shaikh

Engaging with the Media

Why do it, how to prepare, and when to avoid.

What Would I Tell My College-Self?

Enjoy the learning process and stop chasing after prestige.

What Are Think Tanks?

We do fun work with great colleagues for little money.

Think Tank Stereotypes

My list of think tank stereotypes.

Think Tank Interview Questions

Common questions in my interviews.

SAIS Classes & Takeaways

My key takeaways from SAIS classes.

Good Travel

Agnes Callard and Rebecca Jennings made me think about what good travel means.

Productivity Hacks Are Wasting Your Time

Programmers and MBA-types are spending weeks optimizing things to save hours.

Most Wargames Are Analytically Bad

We cannot derive strategic lessons from educational wargames.

My Graduate School Goals

Expanding my research portfolio and methodological toolkit, and doing cool stuff.